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Building Relationships forged in steel

McWhirter Steel was founded in 1992 by David McWhirter under the name D&D Welding. Like most start-ups, this company was started in the garage.

Unlike most start-ups, this one required heavy forklifts, overhead cranes and loud processes. Eventually the company moved out of the backyard and into the same plot of land where the company exists today. The company has remained with David and Angela McWhirter. They now have 75+ employees and 2 sons in the company.

The name of the business was changed to McWhirter Steel in 2010 to better communicate that the company was not just a welding company but a steel company. A steel company that the owners would put their name behind every product and service offered.

The mission has been the same since the beginning; add as much value as possible while building relationships as strong as steel.


Steel Erection Team

Company Information

  • Contractor's License: # 718542 C51,C60,& B
  • City of Los Angeles Fabricators License #1689:
    Type 1 Fabricator of USS/HSS/Rebar
  • AISC Standard for Steel Building Structures Certified:
  • AWS Member

Exceptional service and quality

We specialize within the structural steel industry with a primary focus in offering only experiences of exceptional service and quality. Our objective is to always look to find ways to add value on every project and the team members involved. 

To us, it is more than a construction project. It is an opportunity to become teammates with a shared goal, provide exemplary service and create positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Office Building Fabrication Team

Airport & Transportation 

Commercial Office Buildings

Arena’s and Event Centers



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