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Our Facility

The McWhirter Steel facility is one of our strongest competitive advantages. We are situated on 15 acres of land with the best automated steel fabrication equipment available and a large team of skilled, hardworking fabricators.

McWhirter Steel uses lean principles like 5S and Kaizen (continuous improvement) that are not seen enough in the steel fabrication industry. The Kaizen system brings improvements to the shop in the form of state-of-the art equipment, waste reducing flow’s and much more. This system ensures the company’s quality, effectiveness and efficiency is constantly getting better.

With the use of state of the art technology and a large team of expert fabricators we can:

  • Successfully complete the largest scale projects
  • Handle the most aggressive schedules
  • Fabricate the extra-heavy steel packages
  • Fabricate the extra-complex steel packages
  • Operate with a defect rate close to zero

We invite you to reach out and come take a tour of our Lancaster, CA facility to see what we are talking about! Contact us.

Metal Fabrication

Company Information

  • Contractor's License: # 718542 C51,C60,& B
  • City of Los Angeles Fabricators License #1689:
    Type 1 Fabricator of USS/HSS/Rebar
  • AISC Standard for Steel Building Structures Certified:
  • AWS Member

The Technology

CNC Plate Processing

High speed plate processing solution for steel plate production. This machine can produce one ton of perfect quality steel plate parts per hour of production. 

CNC Press Brake and Sheer

Advanced steel plate bending solution. Bend steel plate to multiple radius's for a wide variety of applications. 

Voortman MSI Production Line

Fully automated Voortman steel production line equiped with VSB Shot Blasting Machine, V633 drilling, marking and milling machine, VB CNC bandsaw, V808 robotic beam and profile cutting machine. The machines are connected by an automated material handling system that load balances production and ensures the most effecient production flow.

Submerged Arc Welding

Two automatic welding machines for high weld deposition steel assemblies such as box columns and girders. One dual head gantry automatic welding machine and one manipulator to accomadate multiple types of steel assemblies. Each machine automatically produces consistent, perfect quality welds at a production rate that is nothing less than incredible.


CNC plasma cutting system that processes round, square, rectangle and channel steel to exact specefications. This system revolutionizes miscellanious steel fabrication by eliminating manual measuring, sawing, notching, drilling, deburring and repetitive handling. 

High Capacity Overhead Cranes

Shop fabrication is organized into 3 different production bays depending on the steel assemblies requirements. One bay consisting of two 25 ton overhead cranes that can handle extra heavy fabrications. Two bays consisting of two 5 ton overhead cranes each for all standard structural steel fabrication.

Cambering Machine

Camber beams in a matter of seconds without the use of heat. This system greatly increases control and efficiency allowing McWhirter Steel to camber high quantities of beams in a short period of time. 

Steel Fabrication Management Software

Fully integrated ERP system designed specefically for steel fabrication. Accurately track and manage material from time of purchase through each step of the fabrication process. Quickly see exactly where any assembly is in the production process. 

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