Steel Fabrication


Does your project contain 1000-4000 tons, have complex or heavy steel members? 

McWhirter Steel has grown from a garage in David and Angela McWhirter’s backyard to a 15 acre facility with the the most technologically advanced equipment available for steel fabrication. Our leading steel fabrication capacity comes from a committment to being on the cutting edge of technology and creating a cohesive, inspired workforce.

McWhirter Steel is AISC and LA City certified. You can rest assured that we operate with the highest levels of quality and safety. By choosing McWhirter Steel as your steel fabricator you benefit from

  • US based manufacturing
  • Certified quality throughout the entire process
  • Real-time status reporting
  • Short Lead times
  • 100% accurracy

We invite you to reach out and come take a tour of our Lancaster, CA facility to see what we are talking about! Contact us.

Steel Fabrication

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