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Avoid The Costly Mistake of Working With the Wrong Structural Steel Fabricator & Erector.


Deciding which trade partners to use on a project is a critical decision and dictates project success or failure. Working with the wrong trade partners will:

  • Be more expensive in the long run
  • Create a lot headaches
  • Put massive risk on schedule, safety and quality

Don’t take the risk. Start working with us at McWhirter Steel where we apply the principles of Trust, Honesty, Respect, Integrity and Committment in everything we do.


Office Building Fabrication

Committed to  Delivering Extraordinary Results

Project Management

Our Process

Estimating & Design/Build

McWhirter Steel’s estimating process accounts for every inch of weld and every hole drilled. Completely detailed and transparent pricing that decreases risk for all parties.

BIM Modeling/Detailing

McWhirter Steel uses state of the art technology and highly skilled detailers to produce 100% accurate shop drawings and a BIM model for the project.

Steel Fabrication

Structural and Miscellaneous Steel is fabricated with the utmost effeciency and quality in our state of the art facility in Lancaster, CA.

Steel Erection

Steel Erection plans are carefully/strategically crafted and then executed upon to maximize productivity, quality and safety.